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Pump Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive, planned maintenance scheme for your pumping station, with regular full services, which include all major mechanical and electrical components. Service Agreement clients receive preferential terms for parts and labour and priority response for Service on-site. As an acknowledged leader in its field, Pump Installations UK are ideally placed to undertake your maintenance needs. We deliver measurable benefits to your business in a number of ways;

The most common is contract maintenance where we undertake regular pre-defined maintenance visits to check and report on equipment plus handle repair work during scheduled maintenance periods. Cover for emergency repair services is also often included. Contract maintenance agreements deliver all the benefits listed above.

Predictive maintenance takes our maintenance service to the next level. By continually monitoring the condition of a pump we are able to predict when it will require maintenance rather than rely on pre-set time intervals. The outcome is usually an extension in operating time between maintenance outages. In cases where more maintenance is indicated, breakdowns are avoided and steps can be taken to modify equipment, operational procedures and process systems to improve operational life.

Predictive maintenance is designed to make savings over and above contract maintenance by only undertaking maintenance work when it is needed, rather than when it is scheduled.

This is taylored to the customers time paramiters and includes 4 visits per year, and providing the maintenance manager with a detailed report of flows, pressure and friction loss displayed if any.


Reduced running costs including energy and maintenance Greater life expectancy for pumping equipment Reduced risk of breakdown with its resultant problems and inconvenience Better plant utilisation and return on capital Improved environmental conditions If possible, repairs are carried out on site to reduce the downtime for your equipment. Our skilled service engineers are able to deal with most electrical/mechanical repairs and breakdowns, supported by fully equipped service vehicles.

Major repairs are carried out at our extensive repair workshops. Substantial support is available for all our service activities through our engineering base.